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The Local Paper is published every Wednesday morning from February to Christmas (with the exception of 'Easter Wednesday'). The Local Paper is available online, at this website, from 5.30am each Wednesday morning. The Local Paper is available from dozens of outlets in the municipalities of Murrindindi, Nillumbik, Whittlesea and Yarra Ranges.


The Local Paper is also delivered each week, free, by Australia Post to households in Yea, Flowerdale, Ghin Ghin, Glenburn, Homewood, Killingworth, Limestone and Murrindindi. The home delivery process starts on Wednesday mornings, and letterbox delivery can be over several days.





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The Local Paper - handy to you

The Local Paper is express-delivered to outlets throughout the readership area:


l ALEXANDRA. Foodworks. 102 Grant St.

l ALEXANDRA. Landmark Real Estate. 56 Grant St.

l ALEXANDRA. Murrindindi Shire Offices. Perkins St.

l ALEXANDRA. Newsagency. 82-84 Grant St.

l ALEXANDRA. Simpsons Fuel. 25 Aitken St.

l ALEXANDRA. Totally Trout. 2/42 Downey St.

l BUXTON. Post Office. 2187 Maroondah Hwy.

l DIAMOND CREEK. Newsagency. 62A Main Hurstbridge Rd.

l DOREEN. General Store. 920 Yan Yean Rd.

l EILDON. Foodworks. 18 Main St.

l ELTHAM. Newsagency. 2/963 Main Rd.

l FLOWERDALE. Community House. 36 Silver Creek Rd.

l FLOWERDALE. Hazeldene Store. 6 Curlings Rd.

l FLOWERDALE. Hotel. 3325 Whittlesea-Yea Rd

l GLENBURN. United Petroleum. 3883 Melba Hwy.

l HEALESVILLE. Newsagency. 195 Maroondah Hwy.

l HURSTBRIDGE. Newsagency 800 Heidelberg-Kinglake Rd.

l KANGAROO GROUND. General Store. 280 Eltham-Yarra Glen Rd.

l KINGLAKE. Bakehouse. 10 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd.

l KINGLAKE. Foodworks. 12 Main St.

l KINGLAKE. Library. 19 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd.

l KINGLAKE. Pub. 28 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd.

l KINGLAKE. United Petroleum. 2 Kinglake-Glenburn Rd.

l LAURIMAR. Newsagency. 8/95 Hazel Glen Dr.

l LILYDALE. Newsagency. 237 Main St.

l MANSFIELD. Foodworks. 119 High St.

l MERNDA VILLAGES. Post Office. 50 Mernda Village Dr.

l MARYSVILLE. Foodworks. 49 Darwin St.

l MOLESWORTH. Hungry Horse Hotel. 4364 Goulburn Valley Hwy.

l MOLESWORTH. Store.4353 Goulburn Valley Hwy.

l NARBETHONG. Black Spur Inn. 436 Maroondah Hwy.

l PHEASANT CREEK. Flying Tarts. 888 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd.

l PHEASANT CREEK. Store. 884 Whittlesea-Kinglake Rd.

l RESEARCH. Post Office. 1544 Main Rd

l SEYMOUR. Newsaqgency. 66 Station St

l ST ANDREWS. Store. 10 Caledonia St.

l STRATH CREEK. Post Office. 8 Glover St.

l TAGGERTY. Store. 26 Taggerty-Thornton Rd.

l THORNTON. Store. 1365 Taggerty-Thornton Rd.

l TOOLANGI. Tavern. 1390 Myers Creek Rd.

l WATTLE GLEN. Peppers Paddock General Store. 13 Kangaroo Ground-Wattle Glen Rd.

l WHITTLESEA. Bowls Club. 101 Church St.

l WHITTLESEA. Champions Supa IGA. 2/16 Church St.

l WHITTLESEA. El-Azar Milk Bar. 13 Church St.

l WHITTLESEA. Foodworks. 65 Church St.

l WHITTLESEA. Newsagency. 45 Church St.

l WHITTLESEA. Royal Mail Hotel. 29 Beech St.

l YARCK. Hotel. Maroondah Hwy.

l YARCK. Store. 6595 Maroondah Hwy

l YARRA GLEN. IGA. 1/38 Bell St.

l YARRA GLEN. Newsagency. 32 Bell St.

l YEA. Amble Inn Cafe. 24 High St

l YEA. Bakery. 44 High St.

l YEA. BP. 31 High St

l YEA. Cafe Christies. 17 High St

l YEA. Country Woman. 6 Station St.

l YEA. Foodworks. 10 High St

l YEA. Library. 15 The Semi-Circle

l YEA. Manna Fest. 94 High St.

l YEA. Marmalades. 20 High St

l YEA. Mint and Jam. 46 High St

l YEA. Newsagency. 74 High St

l YEA. Peppercorn Hotel. 21 Station St.

l YEA. Provender Bakery. 56 High St

l YEA. Rendezvous. 10 High St

l YEA. Royal Mail Hotel. 88 High St.

l YEA. Take-Away. 68 High St



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Stockists can adjust quantities of their weekly bundles by phoning our Distribution Desk, 5797 2656 or e-mail: editor@LocalPaper.com.au

There is no charge for this service.





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